The Spine Center at Medical Associates
The Spine Center at Medical Associates   

For Patients

Whether you are just looking for useful information, a current patient needing more information, or a new patient about to be seen, look in here for a bit about the practice and how a multimodal pain practice runs.

New Patients:  Please remember to have your referring physician send the consult and relevant progress notes ahead of your appointment.  But most important is to bring your MRI, CT, and/or Xrays on CD or film to your visit.

New Patient Evaluation Form
NP Eval Form.doc
Microsoft Word document [353.0 KB]
Follow-up Form
Follow-up Form.doc
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Discharge Instructions After Procedure
Discharge instructions 2021.doc
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Pain Medication Rules, Informed Consent, Agreement for Treatment
ICAT-Opiate policy.doc
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Low Back Pain Exercises
Adobe Acrobat document [530.0 KB]
T-spine Exercises (Cat and Camel)
T-spine exercises.pdf
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Neck Exercises
Neck Exercises.pdf
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Triple Cream
Triple Cream (2).docx
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Need More Information?

When pain is managed properly, it no longer becomes the focus that was limiting the quality of life. We take a very methodical approach to treatment and diagnosis that includes analysis of biomechanics, joint motion, muscle, skeletal, and nerve tissues. The latest diagnostic tools and technologies are used by the professionals at the Spine Center at Medical Associates of North Georgia to make accurate assessments. We are actively participating in medical research to improve the quality of care for pain patients across the nation. 

We appreciate you choosing the Spine Center at Medical Associates of North Georgia to help you improve the quality of your life.


1. Patient care comes first.

2. Offering all facets of care under one roof.

3. We don't save lives, we make them worth saving.

4.Relieving pain, improving function.



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