The Spine Center at Medical Associates
The Spine Center at Medical Associates   

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The Spine Center at Medical Associates of North Georgia is a nationally recognized pain management practice that has achieved acclaim for its conservative and progressive approach to pain management. Our philosophy revolves around the goal of improving the quality of life as well as the patient’s level of function by any means possible.  We rely on the patient's desire and ability to participate in their treatment to help them overcome their painful condition. Determining the correct approach to treatment is the highlight of the practice. We can find a way to balance your pain treatment with your life's day-to-day activities. Our patients are afforded the ability to get better faster by combining many techniques at once.  Using physical therapy, diagnostic testing, psychological counseling, medications, modalities, and spinal procedures allows us to uncover what is causing the pain and reduce that pain simultaneously in the most efficient manner. We understand that you, and your personal experiences with your pain, represent some of the most important data available to us for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.  

When pain is managed properly, it no longer becomes the focus that was limiting the quality of life. We take a very methodical approach to treatment and diagnosis that includes analysis of biomechanics, joint motion, muscle, skeletal, and nerve tissues. The latest diagnostic tools and technologies are used by the professionals at the Spine Center at Medical Associates of North Georgia to make accurate assessments. We are actively 
participating in medical research to improve the quality of care for pain patients across the nation.  

We appreciate you choosing the Spine Center at Medical Associates of North Georgia to help you improve the quality of your life.



Steven M. Lobel, MD

1. Patient care comes first.

2. Offering all facets of care under one roof.

3. We don't save lives, we make them worth saving.

4.Relieving pain, improving function.



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